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Black mirror: the new season

Hello there! So today’s post is a bit different from the usual things I talk about.

I just finished watching the 3rd season of “Black Mirror”, and I’ll tell you, it was VERY hard not to watch it all at once! I actually managed to make the 6 episodes last about 3 days!

I watched the first 2 seasons of “B M” last winter, and I was obsessed. I wanted to watch one episode after the other, and I do admit I’ve watched all of them more than once. One thing I really liked about it was that the show was British, and well, most importantly, very thought-provoking. All the episodes are set in different alternative universes of what the world could be even just 10 years from now, or in some cases, less. Technology is moving forward so fast, and as humans it is hard to catch up, but as we grow with the technology we don’t really seem to realize how different the world was just 20 years ago. We think we have everything under control, but if someone from the 80s was magically teleported to now… I bet they would be very confused. But that isn’t anything new.

What I have noticed about this new season is that the episodes didn’t seem that shocking to me: I mean, they still are pretty shocking, but they seemed under-toned… could it be because the episodes aren’t only British now, but also American?
One thing I really liked is that in 2 episodes (the 1st and 4th) there was a clear palette of colors, and that is something I generally love (hence my obsession for Wes Anderson movies), so I really appreciated that.

Sort of binge-watching this tv show really made me want more and more, and I’ve been looking for good sci-fi books that could be sort of similar, without much luck. If you know some interesting books I could like if I like Black Mirror, please comment them down below!!

Thank you for reading!




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