10 songs for heartache

Hello there! I know this is an unconventional post, since I usually write about books, but I think that sometimes music is just as therapeutic as books, and I have created a little list of songs for the heartbroken, the disappointed, the sad and those with heartache. So, enjoy, and remember that you are special.

  1. Various Storms and Saints by Florence and the Machine: this song is so beautiful, from the eerie music to Florence Welch’s beautiful voice. The lyrics remind all of us that we’ve loved someone that maybe we weren’t supposed to love, and that we are hurt, but in the end we will be fine and the important thing is to love ourselves above all:
    “Some things you let go in order to live
    While all around you, the buildings sway
    You sing it out loud, “who made us this way?”

    I know you’re bleeding, but you’ll be okay
    Hold on to your heart, you’ll keep it safe
    Hold on to your heart, don’t give it away”
  2. Ms by Alt J: I love this song with all my heart, and the writer of the song himself says this song is about letting go of love as a passionate feeling and trying to work things out though, because maybe you aren’t in love with that person anymore, but you care about them:
    “We can’t lose touch but we can let go.”
  3. Do you Remember by Jarryd James: when someone leaves you there is this feeling of emptiness, and you keep thinking about that person and about those memories: this song is about coping with the fact that you do not know if the person that left you is thinking about you or about the time you were together, and this amazing song sums up all the hurt and the pain from realizing someone maybe doesn’t want to remember, cause that’s easier for them. This song is about feeling helpless and powerless, and the lyrics cut you like a knife, but in the end the pain is important as much as the love you felt:
    “Call me when you’ve made up your mind but you won’t
    Caught up in the way that you played my heart
    Only love could ever hit this hard”
  4. You’re so Vain by Carly Simon: this is a great revenge song, because it’s about the feeling of anger and of disappointment that comes from breaking up, and about seeing the other person as they really are, and not how idealized the person was in our heads:
    “I had some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee!”
  5. Landslide by Fleetwood Mac: this sad and melancholic song is about loving someone and realizing to having built a life around that person, but that we change, and that we get older, so some times it is necessary to let go, to be able to be that new person we have become:
    “Oh, mirror in the sky, what is love?
    Can the child within my heart rise above?
    Can I sail through the changing ocean tides?
    Can I handle the seasons of my life?”
  6. Alive by Sia: how many times a breakup has got you feeling like you lost it all? This song is about seeing that you are still breathing and still alive, that you will get through it, even though it’s painful, and that in the end you will be standing tall, cause you are stronger now:
    “I knew what I wanted; I went out and got itDid all the things that you said that I wouldn’t
    I told you that I would never be forgotten
    And all in spite of you
    And I’m still breathing.”
  7. Comeback by Ella Eyre: this in an angry song, and it’s about someone that you leave because they’ve wronged you, and how eventually they will come back, and at that point, you have to let go, because that person is toxic for you. I like this song because it really gets to the point, even using bad words, but that’s why it’s so good: someone that hurts you deserves to be without you:
    “Dry your eyes Mr. Wise Guy
    But take a picture, it’s the last that you will see
    Let’s see how far this guy gets walking on his own feet
    But they always come back, yeah they always come back!”
  8. Leaving it up to You by George Ezra: missing someone is also wanting to see them again, but for pride and for self-love, to leaving it up to them: sometimes the other person has to realize that they love you and need you, you can’t make them change their mind, it’s something they have to do:
    “To see you again, to be your friend, to hold you in his mind
    Leaving it up, leaving it up, leaving it up,
    leaving it up to you…”
  9. It will come back by Hozier: “it” refers to the singer’s love, because he doesn’t want for his love to come back and hurt him, because it’s hard to forget someone who you’ve loved and if they keep playing with your heart it’s the end. I think this song is mostly saying that if the person that left cares for you, they will either leave you alone or be with you, because to ease the pain of not being with who you love, there’s no in-between:
    “Don’t let it in with with no intention to keep it
    Jesus Christ, don’t be kind to it.
    Honey don’t feed it, it will come back.”
  10. Runnin’ by Beyoncé and Naughty Boy: last but not least, Queen Bey. This song is about being true to oneself, because especially during a breakup, or during heartbreak, it is easy to lose touch with oneself and to let go, even though the most important thing is to remember that you lose everything if you lose yourself:
    “Where else can I go? Where else can I go?
    Chasin’ you, chasin’ you
    Memories turn to dust
    Please don’t bury us, I got you
    I got you.”

I hope you enjoyed these songs about heartbreak, and hopefully they can help whoever is in pain right now…




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