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Sorry, sorry, sorry!

So, I haven’t written in around 4 months and I’m so so sorry! Not only I have been so busy that I haven’t been writing anything here, I hardly even read anything! My erasmus consumes about all my time: going out, having fun, essay deadlines and all such things just seem to keep getting in the way of my favorite pastime! Today I flew to Italy for a few days, so, even though I have to study some, I’m determined to read a bit!

Since last year I failed miserably in my reading goal, I decided to keep it simple and have as my goal “only” 50 books. Well, my goodreads goal page tells me I’m 9 books behind schedule, which really, really, REALLY sucks! So, so far, I’ve read only 8 books… and sadly to say, two of them I was obliged to read them for University… as well as another one that I’m currently reading (“Lettres Persanes” by Montesquieu). The few books I’ve read were really short and not that time consuming: the ones that weren’t required for Uni I think I all read them in around a day, and a few actually in one sitting! The ones that made the biggest impression on me, I think, was “Wide Sargasso Sea”. I love Jane Eyre and I love how the author invented a back story for Bertha, Mr Rochester’s wife that he had kept locked up all those years! It was a very powerful novel, so many reasons, but especially if you are interested in learning about the west indies colonies and, of course, if you are fond of Jane Eyre. I really recommend that book to anyone who is down for a short book, but that has the power to change your mood with it’s intensity.

Right now, though, I’m reading Alain de Botton’s new book, “The Course of Love”, which I’m really enjoying! I started it on the plane, and I wasn’t disappointed! I quite enjoy de Botton’s writing style, as well as the topics he chooses. This book is supposed to be the sequel of “Essays in Love”, which I read last year and absolutely loved!

I’m hoping that now that the summer is coming around I’ll be able to read and write here more!

So that’s all for now! In my next post I’ll talk a bit more about “The Course of Love”!

xx, Ily




5 thoughts on “Sorry, sorry, sorry!

    1. I’m really looking forward to finishing this last one and reading also “The art of Travel”! The best thing about him is that he can be considered a philosopher, but he puts things down so simply! It’s truly amazing!

  1. I always forget to blog for a few months- university takes over and the idea of writing a blog slips my mind. My first paragraph of my last blog was a list of reasons and apologies. Life just takes over!

    I love the idea of setting a goal of reading a certain amount of books in a year… I wonder how many I’ve read? *thinks probably 1*

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