Busy busy summer!

Hello there!

I’m back! I’ve been visiting family in the States all summer and now I’m back to Italy! I’ve got news: in a few weeks I’ll be moving to Birmingham, UK, to study a year at University of Birmingham, and I am very, VERY excited!!

Anyway, in a previous post (check it out here!) I had said I would read 15 books this summer… and I did… just not the ones I said I would!! I don’t do very good with reading the books I’m supposed to, so I go with what I feel I can handle at the moment! Nonetheless I read great books, and I’ll list my top 5 favorites of the summer! (in no particular order)

  • “Lipstick Jungle” by Candace Bushnell. This is the second book by Bushnell that I have read, the first being “Sex and the City”, which I thought was ok. I loved “Lipstick Jungle”! While being a rather light/beach read, it dealt withvery important issues, like the struggles of women (in this case, powerful women) on their job and the expected roles of women, who, usually, can’t seem to ever deserve to have a successful family life combined with having a great job: and although many things fall apart for the 3 protagonists, there is a very sweet happy ending! I loved it and I would recommend it to anyone!
  • ” The secret history” by Donna Tartt: I had read good reviews, and when I saw it laying in my grandmother’s house I had to pick it up! It was a really good book, and I really got into the story, although at times, especially in the last 200 pages of the book, there where moments I just wanted it to end! But the ending didn’t dissapoint me and I was glad I kept reading it! The only downside is that I couldn’t quite pinpoint the decade it was set in: it was published in the 90s, but at the beggining and thorughout most of the book I thought it was set in the 60s, maybe 80s… when it mentioned pres. Clinton I figured out it was set in the 90s… but, my opinion is, that it isn’t very credible, character-wise and story-wise, but that is my own opionion. Overall I really loved it, though, and I recommend it to anyone that loves tv show “How to Get Away with Murder”!
  • “The group” by Mary McCarthy. I had heard about this author and I was intrigued by the summary of the book! I particulary enjoyed it because I gave a great insight on women’s desires, upbringings and thoughts in the 1940s. It can be a bit confusing at the beginning, because there are so many different characters, but it’s interesting how all the women in this book take different and unique paths.
  • “The Awakening” by Kate Chopin. Oh my God. Where do I start? I loved it, and I really can’t believe I hadn’t already read it before! It’s a great classic that brings no difficutlies to the reader: the prose is simple and never pretentious and the story is so so good! It’s a very short book, and I have to say that I read it in one sitting! You’ll be hanging on your seat the more you read it, to find out what happens next!
  • “The end of your life book club” by Will Shwalbe. I do not know how to describe this book: it’s not non-fiction, but it’s not fiction either: it’s the story of how the author created a very small and exclusive book club with his mother, who had cancer. I didn’t think I would really enjoy this book, but I actually did. I had fun reading the other and his mother’s thoughts on various books and reading their opinions on books I haven’t read yet. Spoiler alert: when he tells us that his mother died, it was really moving, because thoughout the book I felt like I was in their little book club too.

So, this is all! I hope you pick up one of these incredible books and enjoy them as much as I’ve enjoyed them!




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