Funny Girl

First of all, Happy 4th of July to all!! Unfortunately my 4th of July won’t be spent on a beach or in some other wonderful place, but at home, studying! But anyway, in this post I wanted to talk about the first book I got around to read of  my 15 books for summer ! 

I usually enjoy Nick Hornby’s books, and I absolutely had to read it since it was his latest, so I picked it up while in London and read it in just about 2 days!

I have conflicting thoughts: although it’s a nice novel, I sometimes felt that it was mainly focused on other characters that I thought marginal, rather than on the “funny girl”, Sophie Straw. Moreover, I think that the characters weren’t very well-developed, the female protagonist doesn’t change from the beginning of the book till the end, while other characters do. What I didn’t really like of the novel was that there wasn’t a real love story: it felt as if the author wanted to satisfy his readers, doing it in a very superficial way.

One think I liked about “Funny Girl” was that Sophie, as beautiful as she was, didn’t really care or take advantage of her beauty, because she wanted to be more than just another soubrette. I think I can find a feminist message as well: when Tony and Bill write the tv show “Barbara (and Jim)”, Barbara isn’t written to be the typical female tv character popular in the 60s: she’s independent and knows what she wants, just like Sophie, the protagonist of the book.

Over all I can say I rather enjoyed this novel, even though, as I said, there are a few points that I think could’ve been developed a bit better.



2 thoughts on “Funny Girl

  1. I feel your pain, I’m spending the long weekend inside doing homework too 😦

    Good review, I haven’t picked this one up yet for the same reason, it just doesn’t seem quite as perfect as some of Hornby’s others.

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