Vance Joy: why his music is perfect

Hello there!

Recently I bought Vance Joy’s album, “Dream Your Life Away” and I have to say, I was stunned! Of course I was hooked on “Riptide” since the first time I heard it, but I couldn’t imagine at what extent I would love all his other songs!

“Dream Your Life Away” is perfect to listen when you need to unwind, when you want to peacefully read or relax. I love his warm and conforting voice, and his songs are so beautiful and full of love and they have the ability to express in a simple and clean way deep and passionate feelings. You can easily imagine yourself reading your favorite novel in a beach in Australia (Vance Joy’s home country), taking in the waves and the view(and, let’s not forget, the surfers!).

“Georgia”, “Mess is mine” and, of course, “Riptide”, are just a few of the amazing songs that make “Dream Your Life Away”


so unique and perfect, so go listen to it on youtube or spotify or, better yet, buy his album!



ps: here is a treat… enjoy!


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