London and Us by David Nicholls

Hey there!
Last week I briefly escaped all my exams and flew to London for a few days! It was my first time and I have to admit: I loved it! I can’t believe it’s been so close to me and yet I’d never been there! The hotel in which I was staying was near the Paddington underground, so it was really easy to get the Tube (not the metro! ahah) to get to all the famous landmarks! I went with my best friend for her birthday, and saw all the most important tourist attractions, and my favorite places were Covent Garden, Camden Town and the Tate Britain!


Covent Garden was beautiful in the late afternoon, with street performers and cute restaurants and shops, while Camden was punkish and peculiar. I don’t know why I preferred the Tate Britain: it’s in a beautiful building near the Thames and while the collection wasn’t as big and familiar as the one in the other museums, it had an intimate and homely feel to it!

We also went to the theatre! We saw “The Elephant Man” starring Bradley Cooper, Patricia Clarkson and Alessandro Nivola, directed by Scott Ellis. We even had a (very) brief encounter with Bradley Cooper, who, in a hurry, had no time to take a picture. Oh Well! The play was ok, I honestly expected more, but both Patricia Clarkson and Alessandro Nivola were astounding!


While in London I had very little time to read, but I picked up “Us” by British writer David Nicholls. For starters I have to say that I love “One Day”, it’s one of my favorite books of all time, and I had pretty high expectations for “Us”, but unfortunately, my expectations weren’t met. The writing is pleasent and funny, but while I loved the “flashbacks”, I didn’t enjoy the present, and couldn’t quite figure out the personalities of all 3 main characters.

I hope you enjoyed my entry!



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