20 books about love for people who don’t like love stories (part 2)

After a month, I’m posting the last 10 books out of the 20 books about love for people who don’t like love stories!

11. “The Dreamers” by Gilbert Adair: I liked this book very much, and the movie directed by Bernardo Bertolucci even better!

12. “Queen Margot” by Alexandre Dumas: if you liked The Three Musketeers but you wished for a more romantic twist, this is the book for you! It has all the intrigue and glamour of historical fiction, but it’s actually written by one of the best storytellers of the 18th century!

13. “The Painted Veil” by Somerset Maugham: I don’t know if I hated or loved this book. The ending made me so mad, but it’s such a beautifully written book, that you can’t really put it down!

14. “Attachments” by Rainbow Rowell: it’s a cute and funny story, set in the 90s, a time in which it was more exciting to find an email in your imbox rather than a letter in your letterbox!

15. “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte: how could this book not be in my list? Love, hate, revenge and passion contribute to this timeless story.

16. “Love in the Time of Cholera” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez: even though there is love contained in the title, you will be surprised that in this novel love comes in many forms, but rarely in the romantic one, between the 2 protagonists.

17. “High FIdelity” by Nick Hornby: it’s a funny book, and it has a peculiar plot: the protagoinst wants to find out why he is always dumped.

18. “White Nights” by Fedor Dostoevskij: I think that Dostoevskij does a great job describing the friendzone and the dissapointment that comes after that!

19. “Silver Linings Playbook” by Mattew Quick: two people accept their mental illness and create a friendship that helps both to go through traumas.

20. Last but not least, “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger: the one-sided love story is touching and incredible.

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you enjoyed!



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