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The Young Wife

Hello! Today I wanted to talk to you about a book I just finished reading! It’s called “La Sposa Giovane” (literally “The Young Wife”) by and Italian author, Alessandro Baricco.

I have contrasting feelings on Baricco and his works: I enjoyed some of his books more than others, although I always have the feeling that, in a way, to “show off” his great writing capacity, he adds sentences and words that really don’t mean anything, but are purely decorative. I noticed this in some of the books I’ve enjoyed and even in the books I didn’t really care for. In Novecento, for example, he did a great job! I loved how the novel was written and the story as well! But in another book, “Oceano Mare”, even though at a first reading I really liked it, I then noticed that many sentences had really no meaning at all, and were misterious, so basically just put there because he had found that those particular words sounded good together, or created a new and original metaphor, but in the end, it didn’t mean anything. So, for a while, I didn’t read anything new by him. But when I saw this new book, “La Sposa Giovane”, I was intrigued by the title and (I have to admit!) by the bookcover! I’m glad I read it, because it really was good. Of course, there are a few of those obscure sentences here and there, but overall I liked the story and I think it can be easily said it’s one of his best books! I recommend reading not only the book I wanted to talk to you about, but also a few of his other novels, like “Novecento” and “Silk”. These 2 novels were actually made into movies, and both films were really good.

Anyway, that’s it for now!


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