On Gillian Flynn

Hi! My post today is about an author many know because of her latest book, Gone Girl, that is soon to be released in movie theatres!

Just tonight I’ve finished reading one of her books, “Dark Places”, and I have a few considerations to make.

First of all, I wished I had read “Dark Places” followed by “Sharp Objects” and at last “Gone Girl”. Why? Because “Gone Girl” was so so SO good, that anything else following it could never measure to my expactations! I loved that novel so much, for the plot, the characters and that AMAZING (ahah) twist in the story, and not to mention how beautifully it was written! It was the perfect combination of great writing, superb plot and beautiful characters. I really can’t wait to see the movie, and I think that it will be great and could even measure up to the book, since it shouldn’t be a very hard story to put into film.

As a second book I read “Sharp Objects”: I really liked it – of course, not as much as “Gone Girl” – and the twist at the end was great and totally unexpected! I think this was the “spookiest” of the 3 books, simply because, even though in the other books the characters have secrets and are in someway freaky, in this one Flynn takes it to a whole other level!

Finally I read “Dark Places”: I liked it, though not really loved it. I was waiting to know what happened to the 3 members of the Day family, murdered by the only son… or so is what everyone thought! It’s clear since the beginning that it isn’t Ben, the son, who killed his family. Libby, the youngest daughter and the only one to survive (except for her brother, of course) gets to find out. The plot and characters per se were interesting and the way in which it’s written – one chapter Libby in present day and one Ben or  Patty (the mother) the day of the murder – really gets your attention, and makes you want to know more and more about what happened. You only find out what actually happened at the end of the book, and I gotta tell you, it’s kind of dissapointing. That’s my opinion though, of course. It was a good book over all, I just think that to make it REALLY good Flynn should’ve written a bit more and should’ve changed the ending.

I hope Flynn releases a new book soon – and hopefully it will be as good or equal to the ones she’s already written!




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