A Song of Ice and Fire Series

Ok, so haven’t written in a while. I really need to be better at doing this!

Anyway, I wanted to write about a series of books that has a real hold on me: The Song of Ice and Fire Series by George R. R. Martin. I need to say that before reading the books I watched the tv show: ok, I didn’t know of the existence of the books before the tv show, so it’s really not my fault. Since I love “Game of Thrones” so much I decided that it would be a good idea to start out the novels, and it really was! I only read the first 2 books of the novel, which would correspond to the first and second season of the HBO tv show, but I’m looking forward to start the third one (third and fourth season) as soon as possible!

I love George Martin so much because each of his characters are so well-rounded: none of them is just good or evil (well, except for Joffrey – he is plain cruel), and you can see how well developed they are and you can actually witness the growth of each one of them. I love how you can hate a character and a few pages later feel complete pity for them – for a reason or another. I also love how each chapter is from a different point of view – for some people this can be very confusing, but it’s actually pure genius: and Martin is so good, you feel as if you were In the character’s head!

I have something to confess though: if I hadn’t watched the tv show already, I probably would’ve been very VERY confused, because the names are all very different and there are so many characters that it’s very hard to remember them all! Other than that, though, there’s really nothing negative you can say about the novels! I recommend them to anybody who loves the show, because you can really learn so many more details about Westeros, but anybody who loves this Lord of the Rings-meets-Pillars of the Earth genre will certainly enjoy the reading!




3 thoughts on “A Song of Ice and Fire Series

  1. I’d not heard Game of Thrones be described as LoTR + Pillars of the Earth, but that’s a great, great description. (I often hear it described as Lord of the Rings and The Sopranos.)

    Glad you picked up the books after seeing the series, they’re both great.

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