Pretty Little Liars

Okay, so I know this is actually weird, because I usually write about more “grown-up” books, but I feel this is actually a good topic of conversation.
Since my best friend – and a lot of my friends – love this tv show, Pretty Little Liars, I decided to start reading the books: they are about 15. I didn’t expect much, but they are actually pretty good! I’ve heard they are a little different from the show, but who cares?
I knew a little bit about the story, but nothing specific. I’m a little ashamed, but I actually read 3 and a half books in 4 days! It’s pretty amazing, they are totally gripping! Of course, at 20 years old, I feel a little stupid reading some Young Adult books, but really, they are so much better than a lot of YA fiction I’ve read… for example, I tried Vampire Academy and it was terrible!
Anyway, I guess you could call PLL my guilty pleasure: it has anything that could entrigue any girl, from High School cliques to dealing with mental issues and sexuality.
These YA novels talk about a group of 5 friends (Ali, Spencer, Emily, Aria and Hanna) – at the end of 7th grade Ali dies. After 3 years the remaining 4 girls keep getting emails, texts and notes with information that only the murdered girl could know about from an anonymous source. I thought it would be spookier and creepier, but it’s a light read and I recommend the books to anybody, because the characters the novel portray are different one from the other. So the questions each novel leaves us are: Who is –A (the anonymous source)? Who killed Ali? And most of all… who do you relate to the most? Ali, Spencer, Emily, Hanna or Aria?


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