Chuck Palahniuk – overrated much?

I recently read 2 books by Mr Palahniuk – none of them “Fight Club”, mind me. I loved the movie, and afraid of spoiling it with the novel (yep, it’s an incredible thing to say!) I chose to not read it. Instead I read “Diary” and “Snuff”.

Just to let you know, I couldn’t get through “Diary” – I mean, it’s an interesting story, but I just thought it got nowhere. Of course, you can pull off many valuable quotes, but they are better deconstestualized than read in the novel.

Generally the plots are not that complicated, and actually they are pretty intriguing, but to get through the books and actually get to like them… that’s a whole other thing; of course, I haven’t read many of his books (just 2), but I think that you can pretty much understand the style etc after 2 whole books!

I think that the same thing happened with the Ian McEwan books: they have nice plots and if you read the summaries you get to like the novels and you feel you could enjoy them, but once you read them, the author is so focused on writing something “important” and strong that it completely makes you lose interest, because you see only words without a real meaning. Something empty.

I guess I should try reading “Fight Club” or a couple other Chuck Palahniuk novels, but for now I do not feel the necessity to read them any time soon.



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